Day 3-5: August 14-16

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the not updating in a few, but I will get my last three days in right now!

Day 3: My second day of classes went well, I’m learning a lot of vocabulary and things about different diseases in the different fields of medicine. My teacher has also been having me watch YouTube videos on parasites and cases of people who have had them it’s a little freaky but interesting! The rest of the day I just relaxed since I am fighting off a cold because of how the weather and altitude are a lot different than at home. It goes from around 50-60 degrees in the morning to in the 70’s in the afternoon and back down in the evening or maybe a bit cooler so my allergies are not liking it too much!

Day 4: Today I decided to change my program. I will be staying in Quito for two weeks and then doing two weeks of classes online via Skype with a teacher. This type of program worked out better for my future graduate school plans as well as I will be able to have time to go and see the sights of the city without being as busy. I mostly hung around the school all morning working on homework and just relaxing since it is a very comfortable setting there. In the afternoon I had classes again, and then afterwards I made plans with a woman from Boston to go and see a show called Jacchigua which is a dancing and music show that goes through the cultural setting of Ecuador. It was amazing and very interesting to see the dancing, all of the colors, and the live band that played the entire show. I have shared some of my favorite pictures below. The show took place a few blocks away from school. Many places in Quito are very accessible by walking to them otherwise taxis are very cheap. I made friends with the taxi driver after the show because he could tell that I was from America and he is a huge Chicago Bulls fan go figure! He has a sister that lives in Florida and said that he is obsessed with Michael Jordan and collects his memorabilia. After arriving back at my homestay, my host mother had cooked cuy (COO-E) which for anyone who doesn’t know, is cooked guinea pig! I did try a small piece and it is a very rich meat. It was just alright to me, but it is popular in cities outside of Quito. She had prepared it because the daughter of her friend that was staying with us is a big fan of it and she was going to bring it back to her in Miami. (PIctures of all of this are below)

Day 5: Today I felt like relaxing a bit before classes since I really woke up and was feeling worse. I left for class a little early to stop at a little cafe that sells delicious sandwiches and other Ecuadorian foods and picked up a Empanada verde con queso. It is like a corn tortilla but thicker with cheese inside. I forgot to take a picture of it but it was delicious! Classes were the same, and afterwards I picked up some of this awesome dish soap they have here that is more of a cream that doesn’t waste all of the liquid soap we do! I figured my mom would enjoy it and I’m going to bring it back to school!

That’s all for now, enjoy the pictures, and I will probably update my blog after the weekend whale watching trip!

Day 2 Part 2: A Little Brighter Day (August 13, 2012)

Buenos días!

Good news! My luggage finally had arrived by the time I got back to my home stay for the night. The rest of yesterday was a very long day, filled with running around everywhere. I took the public bus which is crazy crowded but very inexpensive with it only being $0.25 per way to go through the city! Most forms of transportation in Quito are very inexpensive as well as the food. While waiting for my classes to start I went around the corner from the school to a small cafe and had a quesadilla and hot chocolate. It was not like the quesadillas we eat in the US, but it was a sweet bread that was very good. I also signed up for a weekend trip to an island to go whale watching and snorkeling! I’m really excited to finally be able to experience some part of Ecuador. It also rained for the first time since I’ve been here which was funny because my host mother was saying how in Quito you can get every type of weather within one day.

My first day of classes was very interesting. My teacher is very informative and is not only helping me learn new vocabulary for the medical field but is also helping me to understand how the healthcare system works in Ecuador. I feel like already my Spanish has improved so much just being exposed to everyone around me speaking it. I’m really looking forward to more lessons in the different areas of medicine! My teacher and I also had a 30 minutes conversation about how healthcare is very different in Ecuador compared to the United States! Here’s another fun fact about many South American countries: Each person typically has two first names and two last names! That was something I definitely didn’t know about South America.

After I returned from classes, I found that my host mother had some friends from Miami that had been visiting Ecuador staying with us until Thursday, and they are very nice and funny. We all ate beef, vegetables, and rice for dinner and afterwards I worked on my homework which I had quite a bit of. Other than that, myself and a the other students staying with me along with my host mom’s daughter who lives there as well decided on some trips we are going to take which is something to look forward to!

I realized yesterday after my first post that the date is wrong for some reason whenever I post on my blog so I will try and remember to put the correct day in the title that I am talking about!

I will updated about each day the following day so that it makes it a bit easier for everyone to follow. Hope everyone is having a great day and I’ll write again as soon as possible!


Below are some photos that I have taken so far! Enjoy!

Quesadilla y Chocolate Caliente de Ecuador



Rain on the school balcony
My school: Yanapuma School and Foundation!View from my bedroom Part 1View from my bedroom Part 2View from my bedroom Part 3

Hello world!

Hola Todos!

I have finally arrived in Quito, Ecuador and it is amazing! The mountains are surrounding you everywhere you look, and the weather is beautiful! Although my traveling day was less than ideal, I can say that I’m just happy to finally be here! My host family is very welcoming, and being exposed to Spanish everywhere I go has already improved my dialect.

Day 1: After my traveling day I took the time to walk around the city and become acquainted with it. My host mom gave me a map and it is fairly easy to find places near where I’m staying. I stopped by the supermarket to pick up some toiletries that I didn’t pack since I knew I could get them down here. The rest of the day I relaxed and got to know my host family and the other students that are staying there as well.

Day 2: Today is my first day of classes! I woke up early this morning to walk with the other students to find where the school was located at and to use the internet to update everyone on my trip! In a little while I’m going to go and get acquainted with the clinic I’ll be volunteering at in the mornings and then my classes start at 2 everyday. A little worried since I don’t have my scrubs because they are in the luggage that has been lost since I arrived but let’s hope it turns up soon! I will try and update more on my day later if I can find some internet access otherwise hopefully tomorrow!